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The Good in Getting a
Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it–sleep isn’t just necessary–it is amazing. It is during sleep that our body takes its time to recharge so that we feel refreshed when we wake up. Our body also goes on repair mode when we sleep–from muscles, organs, down to our last cell–to make sure that everything’s good in the hood.

But how does sleep really help you stay in shape?

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Insomnia Remedies you can do at home

“Just one more episode!” If there’s one thing we learned from watching K-Dramas, it is that it’s never just one more episode and that binge-watching can severely throw off our sleeping patterns to the point of insomnia. Apart from watching TV, there are also people who take advantage of the night’s quiet to work, pursue hobbies, or just catch up with friends. And while these activities are not necessarily bad, getting your body used to running only on a few hours of sleep might have serious effects in the long run.

Easy Ways to Get Quality
Sleep for Shift Workers

Have you ever worked the night shift? Many of us know of call center agents and BPO workers as night shift workers but did you know that we have all sorts of essential workers who are up much earlier than the rest..

Benefits of Melatonin to
Immune Health

One of the things the COVID-19 global pandemic drastically changed in many of us on an individual level is that we became hyper-focused on our health. All of a sudden more people are eating healthier and upgrading on nutrition that market aisles where fruits and vegetables are sold saw heavier foot traffic.

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