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The Good in Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

    1.) Sleep boosts the immune system.

    When you get enough sleep, you give your body enough time to repair itself and fight infections that may cause illnesses.

    2. Sleep keeps your heart strong.

    Your body’s stress level lowers as you get sufficient sleep which then prevents your heart from getting overworked and putting you at risk of heart disease.

    3. Sleep helps with weight management.

    A body that gets enough shut-eye lowers the production of ghrelin, the hormone that boosts the appetite while managing leptin, the hormone that tells you when you’re already full.

    4. Sleep promotes everyday body repair.

    The best time for your body to repair itself from everyday wear and tear is when you sleep so make sure you allow yourself eight hours of Zzzs.

    5. Sleep improves your focus.

    Getting proper sleep keeps you alert which helps you make decisions and stay focused on everyday activities like working, studying, exercising, pursuing hobbies, and even interacting with others.